Padron Cigars


Product Description

The Padron company was founded in 1964 by Cuban refugee Jose Padron, who eventually moved the business to Nicaragua, where it has managed to remain to this day. The wrapper, binder and filler leaves all originate from that country, where they are sun-grown and aged two and a half years. All Padron cigars are handmade.

Padron cigars, and the Anniversary blends in particular, have been very popular with both smokers and the famed Cigar Aficionado magazine. None of the various sizes of the 1964 and 1926 Anniversary series has ever received a rating lower than 90 (out of 100) from Cigar Aficionado, and the Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro was named the #1 cigar of the year in their annual top 25 list for 2009.

Although not all of the blends from the considerable Padron catalogue are available at City Cigar, it is still a well-represented non-Cuban brand in our inventory. Both the Thousand and Anniversary series are beloved by many smokers worldwide, and are currently available in a variety of sizes – and in both Natural and Maduro wrappers – at City Cigar.

1926 80 Years Natural Gauge: 54 Length: 6¾”
1926 No. 6 Natural Gauge: 50 Length: 4¾”
1964 Exclusivos Maduro Gauge: 50 Length: 5½”
1964 Imperial Maduro Gauge: 54 Length: 6″
2000 Maduro Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
3000 Maduro Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
3000 Natural Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
6000 Maduro Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
7000 Maduro Gauge: 60 Length: 6¼”
Delicias Maduro Gauge: 46 Length: 4⅞”