Henry Clay Cigars


Product Description

How many cigar brands can claim to be mentioned in works by Joyce, Brecht, and Kipling? None – except for the 19th-century favorite Henry Clay.

Created in the 1840’s, the brand was named for a Kentucky Senator and three-time presidential nominee. While originally the brainchild of a Cuban tobacco magnate, today the Henry Clay brand is manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

But after all its rich history, Henry Clay appears to be re-inventing itself. This is most evident with their Stalk Cut series, in which the entire tobacco plant (not merely the leaves) is cut at the stalk and hung intact in a curing barn. This process results in an earthier and deeper flavour, as the natural oils, sap and nutrients are retained. For their efforts, the Henry Clay brand was noticed by Cigar Aficionado magazine, which dubbed the Stalk Cut Toro the 22nd best cigar of the year in 2016.

Loaded with vintage Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco and those finer stalk-cut flavours, the Henry Clay Stalk Cut may be the most pleasant cigar surprise you’ve experienced in years.

Stalk Cut Robusto Gauge: 50 Length: 5″