Drew Estate Undercrown Cigars


Product Description

Drew Estates emerged in 1998 with an ultra-popular, flavour-infused line of cigars they dubbed their ‘Acid’ series. But, just when it looked like they might alienate cigar purists the world over, they released several consecutive series of premium cigars, revealing true depth and sparking a renewed respect for the brand. Perhaps more than any other, their Liga Pravada series took the cigar world by storm, with supply unable to meet the whopping demand to this day.

In fact, it was ultimately the Liga Pravada scarcity that led to the creation of Drew Estates’ Undercrown series. The Liga Pravada cigars were the stogie of choice for Drew’s rollers after a hard day’s work. But with worldwide demand so high, the rollers needed to find a new favorite smoke. The Undercrown was created by these master ‘torcedores’ as a high-quality consolation prize.

Undercrown cigars are made from an eclectic blend of tobaccos, including Nicaraguan Cuban seed, Brazilian, and Connecticut River Valley leaf. The result is a medium to full-bodied blend that smokes, in the words of Drew Estates, “lush, smooth and creamy with a natural inherent sweetness”. All Undercrown cigars are hand-rolled by some of the finest torcedores in the industry.

Gran Toro Gauge: 52 Length: 6″
Robusto Gauge: 54 Length: 5″
Shade Robusto Gauge: 54 Length: 5″