CAO Cigars


Product Description

Cigar aficionados recognize the initials CAO (Cano A. Ozgener) as the brand name that is rarely out of the ratings when it comes to appreciating Nicaraguan cigars. Strict quality control and extensive research makes CAO the only company in cigar history that have had six different lines achieve ratings of 90 or above in Cigar Aficionado magazine.

In addition to classic CAO lines like the MX2, we also carry more limited releases like the 1968 Anniversary series, the wildly popular Flatheads, and a variety of flavoured cigars (cherry, vanilla, etc). And ask us about our CAO sampler packages – or any desired CAO product that you don’t see here!

1968 Anniversary Maduro Robusto Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
1968 Anniversary Maduro Toro Gauge: 55 Length: 5½”
Amazon Anaconda Gauge: 52 Length: 6″
Amazon Fuma Em Corda Gauge: 58 Length: 6″
Bella Vanilla (Flavoured) Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
Cherry Bomb (Flavoured) Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
Concert – Stage Gauge: 60 Length: 5½”
Consigliere Associate Gauge: 52 Length: 5″
Flathead Piston 642 Gauge: 42 Length: 6″
Flathead Camshaft 554 Gauge: 54 Length: 5″
Flathead Carb 660 Gauge: 60 Length: 6″
Flathead Big Block 770 Gauge: 70 Length: 7″
Gold Sampler Gauge: — Length: —
Italia Ciao (Robusto) Gauge: 56 Length: 5″
Moontrance (Flavoured) Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
MX2 Dagger Gauge: 37 Length: 4″
OSA Sol Lot 50 Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
World Sampler Gauge: — Length: —