Camacho Cigars


Product Description

A favorite among aficionados who prefer a strong smoke, the Camacho brand features cigars entirely handmade using tobaccos from the finest regions in Honduras.

Although there are a variety of different lines produced by Camacho, our current selection is limited to the Corojo and Triple Maduro series. The Corojo cigars feature two-year-aged authentic Corojo tobaccos grown in the renowned ‘Jamastran Valley’ region. The result is a robust and spicy smoke that makes for a highly satisfying experience.

The Triple Maduro series is even more unique, as it’s the world’s first all-maduro cigar. This fact guarantees as full and explosive a maduro blend as you’re likely to experience, loaded with dark chocolate and coffee bean flavours.

Flavour Ranking: Full

American Barrel-Aged Gordo Gauge: 60 Length: 6″
Monarca Corojo Gauge: 50 Length: 5″
Triple Maduro Rothschild Gauge: 50 Length: 4½”
Triple Maduro Torpedo Gauge: 54 Length: 6″