Groom & Groomsmens Gifts

Product Description

Whether you seek a congratulatory gift for the groom or a thank-you gift for the groomsmen, City Cigar offers a variety of classy men’s gift options. The recipient doesn’t need to be a smoker either, as we continue to expand our inventory with attractive gifts for non-smoking men.

Below are our top recommendations for groom or groomsmens gifts. If you would like further information about any, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Hip Flasks


Hip flasks are easily among our top-selling items for groomsmens gifts. We offer a large selection, with styles ranging from basic stainless steel to Brizard & Co flasks wrapped in exotic leathers or woods. The starting price point is around $20, with sizes starting at a portable 6 oz. For detailed information about our flask inventory, check out our hip flask section here.

Secrid Wallets


The ‘Secrid’ is a wallet for the new millenium. Designed primarily as a credit and debit card holder, the Secridwallet features an ultra-thin layer of aluminum inside that prevents information from being stolen off of RFID chips on cards. These wallets are made of genuine leather, and are made sturdy so cards don’t break inside them. The click of a button pops the cards up for ease of use. Learn more about Secrid wallets here.

Jet Flame or Soft Flame Lighters


Many people own lighters, whether they smoke or not. Besides tobacco, a lighter can be used on camping trips, for candles, barbeques, and much more. Our lighter stock is the biggest in Vancouver, which means you have many choices for style, functionality, and price range. For more on our lighter inventory, check out ourl ighter section.

Cigars in Tubes


Even non-smokers can appreciate a good cigar now and then, and the classiest cigar gift idea is one that comes in its own tubos. These protective aluminum tubes don’t just offer slick presentation, but protection for the smoker if the cigar is taken on a golf, fishing or camping excursion. Choose from a variety of the most popular Cuban brands in a variety of strengths and sizes to suit the recipients’ taste.

Humidor Starter Kits


Is the groom or groomsman a budding cigar aficionado? A humidor starter kit would make an ideal gift. These 25-count humidors set the recipient up with most of the cigar essentials, including a cigar cutter, ashtray, and carrying case. Design options range from a traditional cherry red finish to a more modern glossy black.