Cigars For Weddings & Births

Product Description

A cigar handed out after the birth of a child or at a wedding reception should have a broad appeal. Many of your guests will probably have limited experience with cigars, so typically it makes sense to go milder and smaller.

With that in mind, what follows are some of our top recommendations for special occasion cigars. All are from Cuba, as a Cuban cigar has a cachet about it that other countries don’t. The following recommendations offer options in various price ranges. Please call or email us if there’s any other information you need to help make your decision!

Montecristo No.4


One of the top-selling cigars in the world by the top-selling Cuban brand. The Montecristo No.4 is mild, slender, and offers flavours that appeal to a Western palate (vanilla bean, coffee, chocolate). The smoking time is about 35-40 minutes. The Montecristo No.4 sells for under $30 apiece and is available in single sticks, in boxes of 5, boxes of 10, or boxes of 25.

Romeo Y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro


Along with Montecristo and Cohiba, the Romeo Y Julieta brand is in the top 3 most popular Cuban cigar brands worldwide. Romeo Y Julieta cigars are a great ‘entry level’ smoke, since they tend to be mild and aromatic. The Coronitas en Cedros offers soft floral flavours in abundance. All Coronitas sticks are wrapped in attractive Spanish cedar for elegant presentation. The RYJ Coronitas en Cedros sells for less than $20 apiece and is available in single sticks or boxes of 25.

Fonseca Delicias

The Fonseca Delicias is known as one of the mildest Cuban cigars on the market. Like the Montecristo No.4 and the RYJ Coronitas, the Delicias is a slender Petit Corona, making it an easy smoke for even a cigar novice. For flavour, it offers a pleasant cedarwood sweetness throughout. A Japanese tissue wrap adds an extra degree of class. The Fonseca Delicias sells for less than $15 apiece and is available in single sticks or boxes of 25.

Guantanamera Cristales


A budget price and very mild-bodied makes the Guantanamera Cristales a great entry-level cigar. The lower price is attributed to the fact that it’s one of the few Cubans made by machine rather than hand-rolled. TheCristales is pre-cut and presented in a clear plastic tube. The smoker can expect a mild earthy flavour with hints of sweetness throughout. The Guantanamera Cristales sells for less than $10 apiece and is available in single sticks, boxes of 10, or boxes of 25.