Xikar Double Jet Flame Lighters


Product Description

Double-flame jet lighters are an ideal choice for the cigar smoker. This option offers a quicker cigar light than a single-flame, and greater fuel efficiency than a triple-flame jet.Xikar brand double-flame lighters are made with fine craftsmanship for long-term durability, and all models are backed by Xikar’s unique lifetime warranty.

Please see below for Xikar double-flame lighters currently available at City Cigar. Feel free to contact us anytime for updated information on stock availability.

Xikar ‘ELX’ Lighter


The ELX model features a strong double-jet flame powered by a single-action ignition. It includes an external flame adjuster, fuel-level window and 9mm cigar punch. Available in gunmetal, pearl, black, and chrome silver.

Xikar ‘Enigma’ Lighter


The Enigma model features a strong double-jet flame, and includes an external flame adjuster and fuel-level window. Available in black, silver, gunmetal, and pearl finishes.

Xikar ‘Vitara’ Lighter


The strong double jet flame on the Vitara model is complemented by an external flame adjuster, a fuel-level window, and a 7mm cigar punch. Finish options include gunmetal, pearl, black, or brushed silver.