Tonino Lamborghini Magione Lighter

Product Description

Tonino Lamborghini has made a very impressive handful of lighter models for cigar aficionados. But with their Magione design, they have taken their user-friendly blueprint one step further.

This is most evident with the inclusion of the angled flame that points away from the cap and towards your smoking product of choice. This guarantees that nothing obtrudes the strong single jet flame from reaching the tobacco for a perfect light every time. For your convenience, a unique vertical cloud-shaped fuel-level window appears on the front body. And the lighters’ exterior is available in several intricate designs, including black with red background, black and chrome, red with black background, grey with red lines, and interwoven chrome.

For more information on the Tonino Lamborghini Magione, including current availability, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.