Dupont Ligne 2 Lighters


Product Description

The most well-known of Dupont lighters, the Ligne 2 series features a gorgeous range of options whether you prefer Chinese Lacquer, Palladium, Silver or Gold Plating, or a variety of other finish options. The Ligne 2 even includes a jet flame option with the modern Black Lacquer Torch Lighter.

Not sure if we have the specific Dupont Ligne 2 lighter that you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us with any questions about Ligne 2 availability!

Black Chinese Lacquer & Gold
Blue Chinese Lacquer & Gold
Gold Diamond Head
Gold Montparnasse Vertical Lines
Palladium Brushed
Palladium Shield & Diamond Head
Pink & Gold Diamond Head
Red Chinese Lacquer & Palladium
Silver Diamond Head
Silver Montparnasse Vertical Lines
Windsor Chinese Lacquer Palladium