Dunhill Rollagas Lighters


Product Description

The Dunhill Rollagas series of lighters is the line most associated with their brand, as it has not changed in design since 1956 and continues to be their top seller. The Rollagas line offers many colour and finish options, from Diamond Pattern Gold (pictured above) to Black Laquer Palladium Plated – and many options in between.

As City Cigar does not often carry multiples of any single Rollagas design, please contact us if there is a particular finish that you are looking for. We are always happy to place a special order for any available Dunhill lighter that is not currently in-store.

Black Resin Ruthenium Plated
Chassis Black Lacquer Palladium Plated
Diamond Pattern Gold Plated
Signature Palladium Plated
Tiger Pattern Paladium Plated