Colibri Table Lighters


Product Description

Colibri is one of just a tiny handful of lighter manufacturers that has risen to domination in the cigar accessory world. They strive to impress with style, innovation, and variety, and with the Enterprise T1 table lighter they have succeeded on all levels.

The Enterprise T1 is a proper table lighter in all respects. At over 4.5″ tall, it’s an imposing centrepiece. Its size also allows for a large fuel reservoir, which is large enough to provide one full hour of fuel time. It features a powerful, wind-resistant single jet flame that is powered simply and efficiently with a single-action ignition. The T1 has also been altitude tested, and will ignite up to 10,000 feet above sea level.

Beyond the basics, the T1 also features a fuel-level window to alert when a refill is needed, and an oversized wheel adjuster that allows the flame size to be changed without tools. It also includes not one, but two, stainless steel cigar punches (7mm and 9mm) that are integrated into the lighter body. The T1 is refillable with standard butane, and is backed by a two-year manufacturers warranty.

The Enterprise T1 is currently available in three different finish options: Black & Chrome, Black & Gunmetal, or Black & Rose Gold. All options may not be available in store at all times, so please feel free to contact us about updated availability or any other questions.