Lampe Berger Fragrances


Product Description

When unpleasant odours fill the air, a Lampe Berger fragrance is the perfect solution. Used with an elegant LB lamp, the fragrance uses isopropyl alcohol to produce ozone that purifies the air – while also emitting a soothing scent to calm the nerves.

Not sure if there is a fragrance right for you? There are currently over 50 available, with the variety of scents including floral, fruit, chocolate, mint, herbs, or wood. If you prefer a scent-free fragrance, the So Neutral fragrance is the perfect solution for those with allergies or intolerance. Most fragrances are available in 500 ml bottles, which offer 20 hours of diffusion and 80 hours of fragrance.

Please note that mixing Lampe Berger fragrances is not recommended, as this can result in the formation of substances considered to be indoor pollutants. But with so many fragrances available, you’re bound to find one to your specific taste. See below for fragrances currently available at City Cigar, or contact us for more information.

Amber Powder 500 ml
Chocolate Sweetness 500 ml
Citrus Leaves 500 ml
Cranberry 500 ml
Escape to Capri 500 ml
Fresh Eucalyptus 500 ml
Fresh Linen 500 ml
Gardens on the Riviera 500 ml
Green Chai 500 ml
Miss Violet 500 ml
Orange Blossom 500 ml
Paris Chic 500 ml
Polynesian Dream 500 ml
Precious Jasmine 500 ml
So Neutral 500 ml or 1L
Vanilla Gourmet 500 ml
Virginia Cedarwood 500 ml
Zest of Verbena 500 ml