Xikar Cigar Punches


Product Description

All Xikar punch cutters available at City Cigar are nicely portable, attractive, and sharp right out of the box. But dullness is never an issue with the Xikar brand, as they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their cutters – even if the issue is just a slightly less clean cut than you’d like.

Although Xikar punch cutters also come in a 2-piece style, a 1-piece option like the ‘009’ series seems to be the most popular choice for many smokers. These ensure that no part of your punch cutter gets lost or left behind.

If you would like more information about our selection of Xikar punch cutters, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Xikar 009 Pull-Out Punch


The Xikar 009 cigar punch is compact, convenient, and razor sharp. This one-piece punch cutter has a 9mm blade, which is exposed by simply pulling forward on the body. Provides a great cut every time, and Xikar offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

Xikar 007 Twist Punch


The Xikar 007 offers a modern design and an ultra-sharp 7mm blade that can be locked at 3 different depths. The single-piece twist mechanism is convenient for the user, and it fits perfectly on a keychain – and unobtrusively in a pocket. Available in black, gunmetal, or silver.