Dupont Cigar Punches


Product Description

Even the ST Dupont aficionado who seems to have everything may not own a Dupont punch cutter, making this a great gift idea or a purchase to round out a collection. As with their highly regarded series of cutters and lighters, add this to the list of luxury items Dupont has been creating since 1872.

We currently carry the Maxijet line of punch cutters, which offer both a deep and wide cut (with a blade measuring 5mm in length, and 8.5mm in diameter). And in keeping with the tradition of the ‘handy’ nature of punches, it fits right on a keychain.

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ST Dupont  ‘Maxijet’ Punch


The ST Dupont ‘Maxijet’ punch cutter offers a contemporary and ergonomic design combined with a deep cut from a 8.5mm blade. Available in black lacquer or chrome.