Peterson Cutters


Product Description

Although better-known for their world class pipes, accessories and tobacco, the Peterson company also extends their expertise to the cigar world. Along with a modest selection of cigars, they also manufacture a variety of cigar cutters.

City Cigar’s selection currently includes those listed below, the single-blade Round cigar cutter, and the hybrid letter opener/cutter. If you are looking for Peterson pipe products, you can find them here. If you’re interested in our selection of cigar cutters or others you don’t see here, please contact us for further information.

Peterson Round Cigar Cutters


This immaculately handcrafted, single-blade cutter uses the finest quality raw materials and top artisan skills. Also fits unobtrusively in the pocket.

Peterson Letter-Opener Cutters


For the Peterson collector that has (almost) everything, we introduce the Peterson letter-opener & cigar cutter. This hard to find item rounds out the collection nicely.