Xikar Cigar Cases


Product Description

Known for their modern look and constructed with top-grain armada leather, the Xikar cigar case makes for a sleek addition to any cigar accessory collection. The genuine Spanish cedar that lines the inside helps to mimic the aromatic interior of a humidor – but in pocket size.

The most popular Xikar case series, the ‘Envoy’ line, is currently available at City Cigar. The specifics may change from time to time, so if you’re interested in a particular size or colour – or interested in a different Xikar line altogether – please feel free to contact us regarding availability.

Xikar ‘Envoy 3’ Cases


The Xikar ‘Envoy 3’ cases are designed to hold up to three 52mm ring gauge, or two 54mm ring gauge cigars. These are created in a variety of colours, including blue, red and black.

Xikar ‘Envoy 1’ Cases


The Xikar ‘Envoy 1’ cases are designed to hold a single cigar, up to an impressive 58mm ring gauge. The most protective and durable single tube you’ll find that isn’t stainless steel.