Brizard Cigar Cases


Product Description

Among the most unique and exotic of all cigar case brands, Brizard cases are typically made from alligator, lizard, crocodile or smooth calf leathers. In addition, they are often finished with hardwoods like Ebony and Zebrawood.

The 3-finger series are particularly popular, given that they feature movable wood dividers that allow you to fit your cigars exactly as you like. In addition to being perfectly practical, the Brizard cigar cases are undeniably unique!

Brizard Single Cigar Cases


The Brizard single cigar cases are lined with a double layer of Spanish cedar for extra rigidity, and hold up to an impressive 60mm ring gauge cigar.

Brizard ‘Show-Band’ 3-Finger Cigar Cases


These cedar-lined cases feature adjustable dividers and a frontal opening that allows you to see your cigar bands as soon as the top is lifted.

Brizard ‘Show-Band’ 5-Finger Cigar Cases


Handmade with the finest leathers, and featuring a cedar lining and dividers that both reinforce the case and help maintain moisture.