Stinky Ashtrays


Product Description

The Stinky Cigar company creates smokers’ accessories that leave a couple of impressions. First, that the products are practical and clearly designed with the cigar smoker in mind. And second, that the designers and company founders are having some wicked fun producing them.

Take their line of ashtrays, for instance. A cigar smoker knows that the size of a cigar ash demands a deep dish. But a ‘Stinky’ design takes this cue to an almost absurd degree, which results in an ashtray six inches deep, or about the size of a mixing bowl (the ‘powder-coated’ series). And then there’s the fondness for bright colours, which are tagged with names like Fire Engine Red, Competition Orange, and Safety Yellow.

Of course, nobody ever said that cigar smoking has to be a stoic hobby, and Stinky ashtrays certainly do the job well. They also offer an eclectic stock, which includes floor ashtrays, ashtrays for the car, and a miniature deep-dish ashtray for smokers who are ‘tired of all the moochers and enjoy smoking alone’.

See below for the variety of Stinky ashtrays available at City Cigar, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Stinky Cigar-Car Ashtray


This portable stainless steel ashtray fits in a cup holder in almost any vehicle, or can be used during golfing, camping, or any other outdoor use. A spring-clip gently holds the burning cigar vertical while not being smoked.

Stinky   ‘Antisocial’ Ashtray


Whether while at work or just sitting in quiet contemplation, the Antisocial ashtray is ideal for single-cigar use. It takes up little room on a desk or end table, but still provides a 3″ deep bowl to hold plenty of ash.

Stinky Tall Powder-Coated Ashtray


The ‘powder-coated’ model takes the idea of deep-dish to a whole new level. With four cigar holders and at 6½” in height and 7″ in diameter, an entire dinner party could use this for an evening without it needing emptying. Available in a variety of basic colours, including red, yellow, green, orange, blue, white, brown, or black.

Stinky Powder-Coated Floor Ashtray


The Stinky powder-coated floor ashtray boasts a commanding presence. It measures 24″ tall, with a deep-dish ashtray with a depth of about 6″. A stainless steel handle hovers above the bowl, while an accessory tray rests beneath it. Colour and finish options include chocolate brown, jet black, or stainless steel.