Brizard Ashtrays


Product Description

The Brizard company, known for their innovative designs and frequent use of luxurious hardwoods like Ebony and Zebrawood, continue this tradition with their cigar ashtrays. Specifically, their ‘Deck’ series of ashtrays comes with x-shaped Ebony or Zebrawood holders, which can be placed anywhere on the ‘deck’ of the ashtray and are held there with a hidden magnet. Alternatively, the cigar can be rested in the ashtray itself, as the dish is shallow enough to accommodate this.

Brizard ‘Deck’ ashtrays are normally available in single, double or triple cigar form. However, Brizard ashtrays are a limited product at City Cigar, so it’s best to call ahead to ensure that we have exactly what you’re looking for.