Hookah Grommets

Product Description

A grommet is an integral part of a hookah, as it keeps key parts in place and ideally offers an air tight seal. A standard hookah is made up of three different types – for vase, bowl, and hose – and City Cigar carries all of them.

But what size and style do you need within each? This depends on the type of hookah you have. For the bowl grommets, we typically carry the Egyptian, Mya, and Mod. For the hose, we typically carry Egyptian, Syrian, Mya, Mod or Havana grommets. For the vase, Egyptianor Mod grommets are commonly available.

If your grommet is missing, a small amount of internet research should give you an idea of what you need. If you have the old piece, bring it in and we’ll try to provide you with the same. Or feel free to bring the whole hookah (or relevant pieces) in the store to ensure a proper fit!