Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigars


Product Description

The Vegas Robaina brand was introduced in 1997 and is named for Don Alejandro Robaina, who has become a legend in Cuba. He gained his fame by the particularly high-quality wrapper leaf his farm produced; where most plantations produced 35% each year that were deemed worthy of export, Robaina’s farm produced closer to 80%.

The Robaina family has farmed tobacco continuously since 1845 on their esteemed vegas (fields) at Cuchillas de Barbacoa situated in the San Luis zone of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region.

These cigars offer bold flavors, with the larger cigars imparting greater strength then the smaller sizes in the brand.

All Vegas Robaina vitolas are dressed with wrappers from the Robaina family’s farm and are ‘totalmente a mano, tripa larga’ – totally hand made, long filler.

Flavour Ranking: Medium to Full

Aniversario XV R.E. (Canada) Gauge: 54 Length: 6½”
Don Alejandro Gauge: 49 Length: 7⅝”
Famoso Gauge: 48 Length: 5″
Petit Robaina RE (Canada) Gauge: 52 Length: 4.3″
Unicos Gauge: 52 Length: 6⅛”