Cohiba Cuban Cigars


Product Description

Some of the finest Cuban cigars you can lay your hands on! Only the best leaves from 10 farms of the Vuelta Abajo region supply Cohiba brand cigars. Cohiba is also the only Cuban brand with a triple fermentation process to create an exceptionally refined smoke.

The flagship brand of Habanos, Cohiba was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro himself and was made at the then top-secret – but now world famous – El Laguito factory. At first, it was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats. But Cohiba was eventually released to the open market in 1982.

The leaves for Cohiba are the “selection of the selection” from the five finest ‘Vegas Finas de Primera’ in the San Juan y Martinez and San Luis zones of the Vuelta Abajo region. And – uniquely amongst Habanos – two of Cohiba’s filler leaves, the seco and the ligero, undergo a third fermentation in barrels, adding smoothness to the blend.

There are four distinct lineas (lines) within the Cohiba brand. The Linea Clasica encompasses several vitolas produced between 1966 and 1989, including what are perhaps the best-known Cohibas: the Esplendido and the Robusto. The Linea 1492 started production in 1992, and includes all six of the Cohiba Siglos. The Linea Maduro 5 was released in 2007, and includes three different sizes with wrapper leaf aged for at least 5 years – the only maduro cigars to come out of Cuba to date. And the fourth series is the Linea Behike, also featured in three different sizes and comprised of some of the finest and rarest tobacco leaf available in Cuba.

All sizes of Cohiba are “totalmente a mano, tripa larga” – totally hand made, long filler.

Spotlight: The Cohiba Behike


A new series of Cohiba was released amidst much fanfare in 2010, dubbed the Lineas Behike. After all three sizes were introduced, the smallest (the Behike 52) was voted Cigar Aficionado magazine’s #1 cigar for that year. This series was also priced even higher than other Cohiba lines, starting at a $75 price point with Canadian retailers. These factors led many smokers to ask: what exactly is it that makes the Behike so special?

The answer has to do with one special ingredient, a very rare Cuban tobacco. It’s a leaf called medio tiempo, one of six filler leaves found in all Behike cigars. What makes it so rare? First of all, less than 10% of tobacco plants in Cuba are capable of producing it. It’s also very small, and takes longer to ripen than any other type of leaf. And it always appears at the very top of the plant, where it absorbs more natural sunlight than any other leaf. This contributes to the distinct full-body sweetness that is the hallmark of Behike cigars.

Sound tempting? The Cohiba Behike is indeed a rare treat, and available in all three sizes at City Cigar!

Please note that, due to crop issues and tobacco shortages in Cuba, not all Cohiba cigars may be available at present time. Please feel free to contact us for an updated inventory list of Cohiba cigars.


Behike 52 Gauge: 52 Length: 4¾”
Behike 54 Gauge: 54 Length: 5⅔”
Behike 56 Gauge: 56 Length: 6½”
Corona Especiales Gauge: 38 Length: 6″
Esplendidos Gauge: 47 Length: 7″
Exquisitos Gauge: 33 Length: 4⅞”
Lanceros Gauge: 38 Length: 7½”
Maduro 5 Genios Gauge: 52 Length: 5½”
Maduro 5 Magicos Gauge: 52 Length: 4½”
Maduro 5 Secretos Gauge: 40 Length: 4⅜”
Medio Siglo Gauge: 52 Length: 4″
Medio Siglo Tubos Gauge: 52 Length: 4″
Panetela Gauge: 26 Length: 4½”
Pirámides Extra Gauge: 54 Length: 6.3″
Pirámides Extra Tubos Gauge: 54 Length: 6.3″
Robusto Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Robusto Tubos Gauge: 50 Length: 4⅞”
Short Gauge: 26 Length: 3¼”
Siglo 1 Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
Siglo 1 Tubos Gauge: 40 Length: 4″
Siglo 2 Gauge: 42 Length: 5⅛”
Siglo 2 Tubos Gauge: 42 Length: 5⅛”
Siglo 3 Gauge: 42 Length: 6⅛”
Siglo 3 Tubos Gauge: 42 Length: 6⅛”
Siglo 4 Gauge: 46 Length: 5⅝”
Siglo 4 Tubos Gauge: 46 Length: 5⅝”
Siglo 5 Gauge: 43 Length: 6¾”
Siglo 5 Tubos Gauge: 43 Length: 6¾”
Siglo 6 Gauge: 52 Length: 5⅞”
Siglo 6 Tubos Gauge: 52 Length: 5⅞”
Talisman Limited Edition 2017 Gauge: 54 Length: 6″