Secrid Wallets


The Secrid wallet is designed with modern needs in mind. Created and manufactured in Holland, Secrid wallets are designed with attention to the storage and care of credit and debit cards. To this end, all models feature an aluminum interior that prevents both card damage and identity theft. This means that the information on your RFID and NFC chip cards will be secure within a Secrid wallet.

All Secrid models also offer convenience with a button on the bottom that extracts all held cards with one easy motion. Cards can then be snapped back into place without the risk of slipping out at any time.

City Cigar currently carries four models of the Secrid wallet, starting at less than $50. Within each model, there are various colour and style options available, but our selection may be limited at any given time. However, you can always contact us if there is a specific style you’re seeking, and we can let you know if it’s available in-store or through a special order!

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