Photo Gallery

City Cigar’s Photo Gallery

Planning a trip to Vancouver and not sure where to go to get your cigars, pipes or hookah? Curious to see if we really are Canada’s largest cigar store as we claim? Welcome to our photo gallery, where we offer a glimpse into City Cigar with the hope that we will be your tobacconist of choice when in Vancouver!

The past year has seen some considerable expansion on our part. Our valued customers have told us that they wanted an even bigger cigar, pipe and hookah selection, so we have done everything in our power to comply. We have offered as good a cigar selection as anyone for over 10 years, and are now continuing that practice with pipes and hookah, including tobacco and accessories.

We hope you enjoy the photo gallery, but don’t stop there – come on into the store, and we promise to take good care of you!


This is the main store area, where we keep all cigars, both Cuban and Non-Cuban, as well as a wide variety of cutters, lighters, cigar cases, humibricks, Cuban coffee, and cigarillos. We even have a little seating area over to the right for those well-traveled days.


Here’s another main store view, this time facing south towards our back room, which holds humidors, ashtrays, and other products. Just to the left of that is our ‘wall of fame’, which chronicles visits from Hollywood celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Bridges, and Steven Seagal, and local celebrities like Brent Butt, Tony Parsons and Callum Keith Rennie.


Here’s another view of our main store, this time facing west towards our pipe and hookah room. Speaking of which…


Here’s the newest addition to our store, the pipe and hookah section. Both are clearly gaining in popularity, as we find ourselves spending a lot of time in this room of late. In this room, we always have hookahs from the small 1-hose to the large 4-hose, and pipes from Peterson, Chacom, Brigham, Jacopo, and Lorenzetti, among others. And, of course, a huge selection of both shisha and pipe tobacco for whatever your taste.


This is our humidor room. This room also houses ashtrays, as well as cutters, cases and lighters from Dunhill, Dupont and Atoll. Whether you’re looking for a durable travel humidor that holds 5 cigars, a simple desktop humidor that holds 12, or a ‘tower’ humidor that holds 1000 cigars, we have it – and everything in between!