October 12th, 2012

City Cigar’s Premium Cigar Showcase Event – October 27th, 2012


On Saturday, October 27th, we are having a sales event – from 3pm to 9pm – involving 3 esteemed non-Cuban cigar brands: Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Oliva. There are 4 cigars to choose from within each of these brands, giving a choice of 12 different sticks in total.

Though there will be deep discounts on each of the cigars, the true benefit of this sales event comes from buying in multiples, specifically:

  • For every 5 sticks purchased, receive 1 free Rocky Patel cigar
  • For 1 full box purchased, receive 5 free Rocky Patel cigars, a free lighter, and box discount
  • For 2 full boxes purchased, receive 10 free Rocky Patel cigars, a free lighter, a RP factory tour DVD, and box discount
  • For 3 full boxes purchased, receive 10 free Rocky Patel cigars, a RP factory tour DVD, a RP 100-count humidor, a box discount, and a complimentary 3-day tour of the Rocky Patel factory in Honduras*

*NOTE: This includes accommodation, meals, tours, alcoholic beverages, and cigars. However, please note that air fare is not included in this deal. Space is limited.

So, which cigars will be available for purchase on this day? The sales event applies to the following twelve, with the special discount (relative to the regular retail price) listed beside each:

Rocky Patel

  • Vintage 1990 Perfecto – 19% discount
  • Edge Light (Torpedo) – 15% discount
  • 15th Anniversary Toro – 16% discount
  • 50th Anniversary Robusto Limited Edition – 18% discount


  • The Evil – Robusto – 16% discount
  • The Assassin – Robusto – 18% discount
  • The G3 – Toro – 17% discount
  • The Ancient Warrior – Perfecto #2 – 17% discount


  • Series V – Double Robusto – 16% discount
  • Series O – Robusto Tubo – 18% discount
  • Series G – Toro Tubo – 18% discount
  • Series G – Belicoso – 22% discount

No tickets or reservations are required for this event, simply come on in anytime after 3 pm and take advantage!