November 1st, 2012:

Two New Premium Non-Cuban Cigars Have Arrived!


Okay, so technically they’ve been in the store for a few weeks now. But since the first half of November features a special deal on both, it’s probably about time to create a news bulletin for them.

The special deal works like this: buy either a Pura Sangre or Estilo Cubano cigar between now and November 16th, and you receive a voucher for a free cigar within the same brand. The voucher is then redeemable on November 16th, between 4-8pm.

Also, between those same hours, you are eligible for the following deals:

  • Buy 5 of either the Pura Sangre or Estilo Cubano brand, receive 1 free Robusto
  • Buy 1 full box (20 sticks) of either, receive 5 free Robustos
  • Buy 1 full box (20 sticks) of either and you also receive either a Pura Sangre ashtray or Estilo Cubano cigar case/cutter package!

Here is some further information about these brands, taken directly from the producer’s website:

Pura Sangre (Nicaraguan):

“Pura Sangre translates to “Pure Blood”. First off, it’s Plasencia made. Second and more importantly, it’s Nestor Sr.’s private blend. It’s what he starts his day with – everyday – with a few more sticks waiting in his shirt pocket. Senior is basically the Babe Ruth of tobacco and we got his personal blend. This is like having the recipe to Coca-cola.

Viso Habano Colorado wrapper, aged 5 years – money. All viso Habano binder – for real. Long-fill tobaccos from Jalapa, Esteli and Condega – let the magic begin. In other words, this cigar is the legit Nicaraguan Puro that represents its name to the fullest.”

Available Sizes:
Robusto – 5×54
Torpedo – 6×52
Churchill – 7×52
Double Corona – 7×58

Estilo Cubano (Honduran):

“Estilo Cubano translates to Cuban Style and it’s Ventura Cigar’s way of blending the tradition and heritage of the cigar business with modern day flare. This cigar screams style, from the dark exotic wrapper to the pig-tail head. Do we have your attention yet? This is the cigar that will save the economy, improve your marriage, shave 3 strokes off your handicap… you get the point. This cigar is a straight up game-changer.

Once you taste this bad boy, you’ll know it’s no nonsense in here. Smoke it to believe it. The knock-out combo consists of Maduro wrapper, Habano binder and long-fill tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. This one is going to be a staple in any rotation.”

Available Sizes:
Lancero – 6×38
Robusto Gordo – 4¾x52
Toraso – 5¾x54
Matador – 6½x56