City Cigar Weekly Features

August 14th – August 21st, 2017





San Cristobal La Fuerza
Origin: Cuba
Strength: Mild-Medium
Ring Gauge: 50
Length: 5½”

In existence since just 1999, San Cristobal is a newer Cuban brand that has already gained plenty of fans. With their mild strength and smoothness they’re comparable to some of the finest Dominican brands, but with a rich creaminess uncommon in smokes from that country. The La Fuerza could be described as a ‘robusto extra’ size; it has the robusto’s 50 ring gauge, but with an extra ½” or so in length.




Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto 
Origin: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Ring Gauge: 52
Length: 5″

What better tribute to an ancestor than naming a world-renowned cigar series after him? This is what Gilberto Oliva Sr. did when he created the Melanio series for Oliva, the already-popular brand he started in 1995. The Melanio was named after his grandfather, who brought tobacco into the family tree as a farmer in Cuba in the late 19th century. Flash forward about 150 years, and the Melanio Figurado is named Cigar Aficionado’s #1 cigar of 2014, launching sales into the stratosphere. The Robusto offers the same blend, but in a more convenient size for these brisk Vancouver winter days. Expect some delectable notes of caramel, coffee and sweet cedarwood.