December, 2013

NUMBER ONE CIGAR OF 2013: The Montecristo #2


The NUMBER ONE cigar for 2013 as rated by Cigar Aficionado has been announced. And this year’s choice is (insert drum roll here)…

…the Montecristo #2!

This classic torpedo is the epitome of a Cuban cigar. A favorite amongst our staff and a timeless classic in its own right, this is the most recent Cuban cigar in the number one spot since the Cohiba Behike 52 in 2010. And, to get a little more specific, the Monte #2 received a 96 rating this year based on the experts’ experience with batches from April 2013.

If you haven’t tried the Montecristo #2 yet, this gives you a great excuse. And if you have, this is a great time to revisit this beauty!