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Pipe Tobacco for Beginners


Although we carry a wide variety of Brand Name pipe tobaccos including Davidoff, Solani, Peterson and Reiner, quite often our selection of 'no frills' custom blend tobacco is the better alternative for a new or budget-conscious smoker. Stored in jars and transferred to ziplog bags with simple labels, these high-quality tobaccos are more affordable due to the basic packaging.

Also, unlike the name brands which come in sealed tins, the way our custom blends are stored allows you to experience the scent of each of these tobaccos. This way, you can avoid buying something that - upon opening the tin - is clearly not to your taste.

Before checking out descriptions of our different Custom Blend pipe tobacco, you may find it helpful to learn a bit about the lingo contained in the descriptions. For this purpose, we have provided a brief lesson below.



Along with strength, you are usually going to see the words 'sweet' or 'savoury' (or sometimes 'sweet-savoury') as part of a pipe tobacco description.

The sweet, or aromatic, blends tend to be more popular and indicate that some flavouring (such as vanilla) has been added to the leaf. A 'savory' blend tends to indicate a spicy taste, and is generally perceived to contain greater strength, on average, than a sweet blend.

Besides vanilla, some of the flavours to be found in the Custom Blend pipe tobacco at City Cigar include cherry, peach, Irish cream and dark chocolate.


As with cigars, part of a pipe tobacco description inevitably includes its strength. Any tobacco is going to have a description of either mild, medium or strong, which essentially describes the intensity of the smoke.

Although determining these classifications can be tricky with both cigars and pipe tobacco, over time a smoker gets a sense of the amount of stimulation received from any given tobacco. Then, it becomes instinctual to choose a particular tobacco when the desire is for a 'lighter' smoke than a heavier one.

Mild aromatics, or a 'sweet-mild' mixture, are a good starting point for many beginners. For specific descriptions of City Cigar's selection of sweet-mild house blends, check under the 'Sweet Blends' headings for both our regular custom blend and premium custom blend tobacco on our Custom Blend Pipe Tobacco page.


We have a full page dedicated to this one! Check it out on our Pipe Tobacco 101 page.

We hope this gives you a good point of reference for pipe tobacco descriptions. Time now to head over to our Custom Blend Pipe Tobacco page to get a better sense of what you may want to try when you come to City Cigar. Of course, there is also our selection of Name Brand Pipe Tobacco, if you've been hearing about a certain brand that has piqued your interest.


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